I recently signed my son up to play tackle football at OTRD. They have a new tackle football program that they have started this year. When I heard about tackle football with the OTRD I was excited because all my kids participate in their programs. OTRD does such a great job with all their programs. While I was talking to another mom she informed that the other little league tackle program MCYCFL has refused to play OTRD little league. Why on earth would a grown man do that? I researched myself and couldn’t believe it. The MCYCFL website talks about teaching sportsmanship and developing youth. In the end isn’t it about the kids? It’s unfortunate that egos and pride are ruining youth sports. I’m embarrassed for our community.

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Gifford Gillette

We love OTRD... That said, I don't have a child playing tackle football in either league this year. I did talk to the MCYFL scheduler though and I know they intended to schedule with OTRD but insurance and agreeing to a schedule in advance seemed to complicate the scheduling across leagues... from what I interpreted.

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