There is currently a recall election for Mark Rosa, Mayor of Heyburn.

  To Heyburn residents I recommend that you personally do your research on the issues that the Heyburn Citizen group is accusing Mark Rosa of committing.

  Is there really a hostile environment?  Are employees being bullied by the mayor?  Have you talked with an employee?

  Do you know that the mayor cannot use city monies for personal legal issues?  Asking for a budget increase is not asking for personal use.

  Did you know that all council meetings are to be recorded?  This is not something new.

  Did you know that if the mayor is recalled that the current council president can be appointed mayor?  And do you know who that is?  And it should be noted that the council has the voting powers not the mayor, unless there is a tie in voting.

  Did you know that the previous mayor supervised the department supervisors?  So is the current mayor asking for anything different?  You may need to read the job description.

  Do you know who the members of the Heyburn Citizens group are on Facebook?

Larraine Kluzik

Heyburn Resident

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