Minidoka and Cassia County Commissioners and the Mayors of the Cities of Albion, Burley, Declo, Heyburn, Malta, Oakley, Paul, and Rupert support Mini-Cassia families, business, schools, hospitals, and first responders operating and functioning to their full capabilities.


The COVID-19 virus has affected all of us. The information and advice we have received has constantly changed as more becomes known about this virus. As such, we have been cautious in our response to ensure we do the best for those we serve. One main concern has been the ability of our first responders and hospitals to provide safety and care. Hospitals have been stretched to limits which test even the best medical professionals. First responders have not shirked in their responses, even when faced with the repeated danger of the virus. The time is necessary and appropriate for the citizens of Minidoka and Cassia Counties to do what we do so often in times of need: support one another.


This community has been and is an example of coming to one another’s aid in times of need. Farmers come to harvest a neighbor’s crop; ranchers help gather cattle; citizens on both sides of the river built a diversion canal for the Oakley Dam and recently filled and distributed sand bags for widespread flooding. We are there for each other. Let us rise to the current challenge to help family, friends and neighbors who work to keep us educated, employed, safe and well.


We urgently and fervently plead with you to do your part to help our community in this time of need by washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks in public places and staying home when you don’t feel well.


Board of Commissioners                       Board of Commissioners

For Minidoka County                            For Cassia County


Kent McClellan                                     Leonard M. Beck

Sheryl Koyle                                        Bob Kunau

Wayne Schenk                                     Kent R. Searle


Mark Rosa, Mayor City of Heyburn         Isaac Loveland, Mayor City of Albion


Bruce Hossfeld, Mayor City of Paul         Steve Ormond, Mayor City of Burley


Mike Brown, Mayor City of Rupert                   Jay Darrington, Mayor City of Declo


                                                          Tracy Bankhead, Mayor City of Malta


                                                          Larry A. Mickelsen, Mayor City of Oakley

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