Why is that?

  There is no way “Socialist” MLK could have achieved his civil rights legacy had he turned to violence.  The deaths of 4 young innocents at the Birmingham Church bombing and 3 civil rights workers murdered by the Klan, among others, caused too much of a stir.  Public opinion was too much.

  As Andy Rooney would say, “Ever notice all black leaders are labeled Socialists, why is that?”

  Gee Andy, I don’t know, maybe to get them lynched.  Maybe so you’ll feel justified when you murder 4 little girls or 3 civil rights workers.

  The Oklahoma Bombing is another example of bad PR.  The militia movement was getting very militant.  Talk of armed insurrection was rife.  The picture of a fireman carrying dying baby Baylee Almon, sure hurt the movement.

  Rooney again, “It seems like, when you talk up violence in your special group, someone is bound to take it literally.  Why is that?”

  But there are instances of bad PR not hurting a movement at all.  The EL Paso Walmart shooting for example.  Over 40 killed or hurt in that rampage.  Shooter posted manifesto online that mirrored Trump’s talking points.  Did not hurt Trump one iota.

  But resistance to bad PR can help.  The insurrection at Capitol Hill is an ongoing PR fight.  To some the rioters are traitors, to others, Patriots.  Corporations are chiming in, withholding campaign contributions to elected officials who support the “stolen election” delusion.  It is a clear cut case of treason, throwing delusional excuses at it seems to be working, to a degree.  Goya Foods recently muffled their CEO, corporations like Goya are too aware of how PR can affect Business.  We’ll soon see how powerful the purse strings of corporations are.

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