I am sending a copy of this quote so more people can see how many papers are lieing about our president and it is a disgrace.

Page 3 of the Deseret news, Sunday, Nov. 3rd, had this article which is quite a disgrace to anyone especially one with this much coverage. I quote this paragraph: “Sixty-five percent of the American people say they believe President Trump has damaged the honor and dignity of the Oval Office.” I want to see your proof of this statement.

Here are some statistics these people will not print because they hate President Trump.

There are more in the workforce than ever. Payroll up $128,000; Taxes cuts – in full effect; More Americans are saving their tax money – 50%; Jobs are coming back to the U.S. - Nov. 2009 unemployment 10%, Today unemployment 3.6%. These statistics are from the U.S. Labor Department.

These are just a few things that they refuse to give him credit for. How can these things make him damage the dignity of the Oval Office? Instead of trying to find things against him, why don’t you just tell a few obvious truths. There is much more but this is enough for today. May God Bless America.


Norman Dayley

Editors Note: Norm – I am reminded of a famous saying from Samuel Clemens who said, “Never pick a fight with a guy who buys his ink by the barrel”. A reference to the newspaper industry of his day. Maybe President Trump brought some of this upon himself by declaring war on the press...

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Norman Dayley thanks for giving us some statistics to ponder. Let's look at the payroll up by $128,000 statistic you stated. I went to the "real" US Department of Labor web site (as well as 3 of the highest-rated web search engines) and found zero correlation in that figure. Zero. What I did find was the report that 128,000 new jobs had been added in October 2019. That's good. But that is not what you stated. The only posting about that $128,000 figure has to do with a fine OSHA issued against a Florida company. So please cite the web site where you found that information, but I'm highly skeptical, because if Google and the US Dept. of Labor doesn't have it in their database, it doesn't exist. The next thing you say is "tax cuts in full effect." That's true but misleading. The major tax cuts for billionaires and corporations don't expire but guess what, for folks like you and me they expire in 2025, and there is no guarantee that Congress will make those cuts permanent. The next thing you say is that most Americans are saving their tax money. How do you know? According to Forbes Magazine (and a "google" of other sources) "1) 40% of Americans don’t have the cash to pay for an emergency expense; 2) 25% have no retirement or pension savings..." I'm highly skeptical of that "statistic" and I'd rather call it an "aspiration". Next, you say that 50% of jobs are coming back to the US. I did actually find that quote on the USDOL web site. It is true but it's misleading. There was a rush of manufacturing jobs that went offshore during the Bush 43 recession, and it's true that some are returning, it's been a trend that started during the first Obama term. Currently, however manufacturing jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate. They are being replaced by automation and are disappearing by attrition. That's on the USDOL site as well. The next item you talk about is the unemployment rate. While the figures you represent may be close, they do not paint an accurate picture of why the rate was "10% in 2008" and "3.6% today." I apologize for taking us on a trip down memory lane. As we all remember, the Bush 43 presidency resulted in an economic disaster. Mega-giant mortgage companies, mega-banks, and the complete US auto industry were facing bankruptcy, and we were in the worst "recession" since '29. According to the GAO, the rate was 7.3% in 2008 and 9.9% in 2009. So you are off by a year. Now let's take a look at what it was at the end of the Obama presidency. In 2016 the rate was 4.3% giving Obama a delta of 5.6%. Trump started 2017 with 4.1% and the last reported was 3.7% giving Trump a delta of 000.4%. I'd say Trump has not moved the needle very much compared to Barak Obama. What we need to keep in mind what exactly is fueling that. Trump's tax cuts (combined with expensive legislation) are costing us 2 Trillion a year to the national debt. Seriously, that is unsustainable. Facts are facts man. Just saying.

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