I have been thinking about the recent situation with the Cassia School District and the decisions they have made with the custodians. I recognize that without the bond passing the district will need to make some compromises but is the decision they have made in the best interest of anybody? I find it a little disconcerting that we pay taxes to keep our schools going and our school district is using those taxes to increase the revenue of another state by hiring an out-of-state business to take care of our local schools. Have you stopped to think of the other money that will be leaving our area by this decision? What about the cleaning supplies and paper products that have been purchased from local companies? My understanding is that these supplies will now come down the line from this out of state company. To my knowledge this issue was never addressed to the school employees to see what compromises they were willing to do. I think a cut back would have been more in line then handing all of our custodians over to an out of state cleaning company. I feel most teachers would have been willing to add taking the garbage out, or running a sweeper over the floor to their student classroom duties rather than seeing the district hire an out of state company to the mix with all of its ramifications in getting a simple task done. I have heard, correct me if I have heard wrong, that those who will be cleaning our school with the new company will only be part time. The school district could have part time help to supplement the classroom cleaning with a more thorough cleaning two times a week.

The other thing that I am feeling is that the school district has taken the bond loss personally and are out for blood with the district employees. Sending our tax dollars out of state is not winning any trust with the local citizens. I also can see the writing on the wall. First it will be the custodians, next it will be transportation, then the lunch program. It truly is an issue that should concern every school employee and every tax paying resident of Cassia County.

A concerned Cassia County resident

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You are so right about the board and top district administrative staff taking this personal. Not only were these employees affected, so were a group of teachers, para-educators and a couple of school principals affected by this. Most were let go and sadly the IEA Region office did little to protect these teachers who weer all dues paying members. The IEA had one misconception about families losing benefits of these employees because of this and other things was if they did have family benefits, the employee had to pay for them not the district. Fortunately, only one of the fired teachers was able to find work, but others had to retire, and one is still having a difficult time finding a job, not even as a para-educator. Shame on the district. It is time to recall the board members and demand the resignations of the top district administrative staff. And demand that the district to the right thing too


I have to agree with you that everything that has been taking place is a way to retaliate towards the community for our failing to pass the bond. Sadly, there have been numerous forms of retaliation that took place from the termination of certain teachers, administrators and others, to the now release of all custodial staff. Sadly, the only real group who did get any help from the IEA Region 4 office was the custodial staff (most who joined the IEA in May). Now we are facing the hiring of non degree holding teachers, and finding that there are some who were let go and forced to either retire (including an early retirement), or resign with no assistance from their union (IEA - Region 4 Directors). Come it is time to stop this craziness and stop hiding things, this including our local newspapers (in other parts of the state, the local papers have been publishing these things, why not here??). Anyway, it is sad to watch how things are going.

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