To The Person That Thinks I Am Whining About Being On Probation:

You said after reading my letter, that you spoke to friend of yours that works in probation. Before you take the word of just one person, maybe you need to reach out to the citizens of our community, attend a few hearings for educational purposes, as I have done, and maybe research Idaho statues just a little bit before spreading misinformation.

Several years ago, I personally watched a man get sentenced to 60 days in jail for first time failure to renew his drivers licenses, and because he could not afford to pay his fines and fees in full that day, he was placed on 12 months supervised misdemeanor probation, subject to all the injustices listed in my previous letter.

When the judge asked him why he failed to renew his drivers license? He said  it was because he worked long hours, and hadn’t made it to the DMV. Stripped of his legal and constitutionally protected rights, forced to pay $84 a month in fees, in addition to the original fines and fees, and forced to drug test twice a month, or serve 60 days in jail, simply because the county didn’t receive their $45 drivers license renewal fee on time, and because he was trying to support his family.

You are correct about one thing, that a person has to commit an offense that carries jail time to be placed on probation, but what you failed to mention, most likely due to lack of research, is that prior to 2018, failure to purchase/renew your drivers license was considered a misdemeanor and carried up to 6 months in jail and or up to a $1,000 fine.

And you must have missed the part about them drug testing everyone on supervised misdemeanor probation, even if their crime is not drug or alcohol related, and that cassia county increased the required amount of urine for drug testing from 25 ml to 40 ml, then started throwing people in jail for being unable to meet the new required amount. Please tell me where the justice is in that?

Drug testing everyone on supervised misdemeanor probation, even if their crime is not drug or alcohol related, without cause, without any evidence whatsoever to support many of those being required to drug test, is basically in violation of their constitutionally protected rights.

Signed: a concerned citizen of cassia county.

PS. I’m not on probation, I’m fighting for my rights, by fighting for the rights of others.

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