Jay Lenkersdorfer

What a year we’ve had in south central Idaho. As if the COVID-19 virus wasn’t enough for us to be depressed about, now we are in the throngs of a heat wave and a severe drought. These are interesting times to be sure.

I often wonder if living in troubled times is something that each of us will have to contend with during our lives. I can hardly imagine how difficult it would have been to be alive during the Great Depression, the 1918 flu pandemic, the First World War, the Second World War, Korea, VietNam etc.  Did our parents and grandparents deal with their adversity the same way we have done it? I think the fact that we are still here on earth is the best answer to the question. Though troubled times was the way of life for them, they persevered.

Looking at the modern conveniences I enjoy every day gives me pause to reflect on how much tougher life was for our parents and grandparents. When I return home from work tonight I will do so in an air-conditioned car. Upon opening the door, I will be blasted with cold air thanks to a central Air Conditioner. Sitting in this cool home, I’ll watch the Olympics on a color television from my comfortable recliner and I’ll be drinking a cold soda from my fridge. In the winter it takes no effort to warm up our house, thanks to a gas furnace and electricity that circulates heat throughout the house without any effort by me.

With our lives being so much easier for us than it was for our parents, it is a wonder that we have any right to complain about anything, but we do just that all the time.

COVID-19 is real folks. I have seen friends quickly succumb to the virus without any fanfare and I can’t help but wonder how anyone could pass up being vaccinated. Some in my own family have declined to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and now it is a game of chance as to whether they will come down with the virus. I have asked many why they haven’t already had the vaccine and the responses are all similar. “They can’t make me get a shot,” they will say, and they are correct.

Mask wearing is also one of those things that people are resisting. My own son has said he has no interest in wearing a mask. “They can’t make me do it,” he will say. He even stayed home from Sunday morning church rather than put on a mask.

I wonder if a lot of this nonsense is the result of some having no trust in their government. How wearing a mask could ever be considered a “burden” on anyone still baffles me.

When the Polio vaccine was discovered people raced to the doctor to get their vaccine. Nobody wanted their children to be exposed to Polio because it left a lifetime of difficulty – even death – if they weren’t protected. I doubt that there were many families who said no to the shot. But today things are quite different.

Climate change is another hot button for our times. While some states have done better, most are sitting back on their heels waiting for someone in the Federal government to take care of them. The hardest thing for me to deal with, and I’m sure it is the same way with many of my readers, we simply can’t trust the numbers we are hearing. To do the best job of any country in the world might be something to brag about but if we are perfect in our response to climate change here in America, the best we could impact global warming is 15 percent. We will never solve the issue of extreme weather if we deny that climate change is a real thing.

I know we can’t make you do it – care about the virus or global warming, but I would hope that you could set aside your disdain for politicians and come to the table with an open mind as to what you are prepared to do. It’s your world.

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