I want to wish everyone a warm Merry Christmas this year. People with the power to do something good to help take care of the less-fortunate do not share in that sentiment. Forces are at work in the world that does not care about the less fortunate. They don’t care about the 69-year-old widower whose survival depends on the Medicaid Expansion in her state. They don’t care about the wife and children whose husbands get sent to prison on victimless crimes. That mother has no choice but to seek aid. She is stuck. If she goes out to work, the extremely high cost of childcare is sometimes higher than minimum wage or entry-level positions for which they qualify. Reporting by The New York Times newspaper says that the Trump Administration is adopting new rules (not approved by Congress) that will kick nearly 700,000 needy people off the food stamp program. The beneficiaries of most of those cuts are elderly, or single moms and their minor children. Additional reported cuts are to Medicaid, Medicare, Infrastructure Projects, Student Financial Aid, Veterans’ programs, Social Security amount to 613 Billion Dollars. Economics was one of my electives at Idaho State University. I’m no expert. I only took 8 credit hours in that subject matter. What I did learn is that cutting taxes during an economic upturn (which is what we are still experiencing) is counterproductive. Similarly, making enormous cuts to social programs when corporations are making record profits and the stock market is at an all-time high is counter-productive. Those two measures are usually reserved for harder times in sustained downturns of the economy, and that is not what is happening currently. So, why is the Trump Administration making cuts to programs that help the most vulnerable in our society?   

Ken Swearingen

(Registered Republican) Rupert, Idaho.

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