I’d like to wish everyone a very prosperous New Year! While many of the folks I know went to parties and such on New Year’s Eve, I spent most of the day going through every social media platform I could find. Amid the live reporting from countless parties around the world were some unique experiences I witnessed in real-time like folks deciding to get married on the spot and running around trying to find someone to marry them that was sober enough to say the words.

There was a report on one media platform reporting on the President of the United States, and it was surreal in that he was bragging about all the wonderful things he has done in the last year, among other things. Then I came across this statement: “In the past decade, I lost my dad, returned (home), fought off foreclosure with my family, struggled with student loans, & worked shifts in restaurants for years. At my lowest, I struggled w/ the thought that I’d never amount to anything. To those going through it: Keep going.” I just thought to myself, “what a contrast. “ A message of Hope vs. the most powerful man on the planet bragging about himself. It brought to mind a recent message Christ brought to us all on Christmas. Christ’s message was one of hope and love, not one bragging about being the son of God and how powerful he was. Christ was The Chosen One not because he proclaimed it ... Christ IS The Chosen One because of the way he treats the lowest of us ... even a sinner a bad as me.

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