As a parent and taxpayer, I am FURIOUS that students at West Minico Jr. High have been using social media during class to push in favor of the upcoming Minidoka County School Bond Election.  This has been assigned in certain classes encouraged by teachers & obviously approved by the school board.  How can this in any way be legal and how do these educators have the authority to use taxpayer dollars to push personal agendas.   When did the students in middle school become responsible for campaigning for the School District on curriculum time?  OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS HARD AT WORK!!   Due to this alone – you’ve lost my vote!

Now, the school board cites growth as the main factor in this bond (which I’m having a difficult time believing).  IF this is true, then evidently no one planned for “growth” when the 2006 bond passed or someone severely scrimped when building the new schools.  Who in their right mind would build a school where the gym is also utilized as a lunch room, PE room and auditorium??  Seriously?!  Does no one take into consideration future additional classrooms, parent pickup & parking and bus zones when designing these new schools?  So, if this one passes, will you be asking for another $40M in 5 years using “growth” as the continued excuse?  How many bonds are we supposed to piggy-back???

Remember, the more you build, the more it costs to maintain, which equates to higher Plant Facilities & Supplemental levies (every two years).  How does one propose to decrease a supplemental levy 2020-2022 when increasing square footage/additional buildings???  (Anything to make this bond sound appealing.)

One of the projects on the new bond includes a new AG facility at Minico, yet Phase 2 (of the “New High School” issue) specifies an EXPANSION of the NEW Ag building & other CTE programs at Minico.  If a new Ag building is constructed, why would you need to expand it later? 

In the April 5th article, Dr. Cox states the district currently has $20M in existing bonds however, the remaining principle balances only total $13.6M (figures provided on the Current Bond Information sheets) so which is correct and what happened to the remaining $6.4M????  This brings me to the concern of lack of transparency in itemized costs for each project (past and present) thus giving reason for the questioning of over-inflation of actual costs of these projects and possible cover-up of misappropriation of funds.  This has been questioned by many but no one seems to be getting direct or concise answers.  Numbers can be manipulated so my question, are monies being filtered to other more “favorable” projects and withheld from others where they should be allocated?? 

The urgency in getting this bond passed so quickly has me a little concerned that there could be underlying issues that we taxpayers are not aware of.   We have been given an alleged overall total cost but no break-down in projects or land purchase figures, so how do we know these amounts are true and accurate? 

Minidoka Co. taxpayers need to stop just taking everything at face value and do their own research.  It’s your money and you have every right to know if it’s being spent wisely and appropriately.


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There is a lot more to it then that. The School District in Minidoka county wants your money but allows supervisors to use the equipment that tax payers have given to the school. Not only do they use it at their homes, but to have employees deliver and pick it up to at your expense? I was told Dr. Cox knows and has allowed it to continue. I see this as dishonest corruption in minidoka county. What gives them the right? Does management think that employees helping with this dishonest act are not going to dip there hand in and help themselves as well? Minidoka hires an unlicensed electrician, unlicensed HVAC Personnel, then hires outside companies to do all the electrical and HVAC work. This is the waste that is happening. Burley has the right idea that privatization of the school maintenance will stop the theft.

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