Hello all,

The museum has unfortunately experienced some computer problems the last few months. We lost our address book in the emails somehow. So, for the last few monthly newsletter emails, I was just going back to the old sent ones and using those addresses from the past ones and copying and pasting the addresses into the new monthly newsletter to go out. However, with an update my sent files has been erased and my recycle file or trash file has emptied as well. So, I can no longer do that and I don’t see any way of recovering them and have tried quite a few things. I have a very old file marked address file and it did seem to have some of the basic older email address of most of you in it and I went back in and added some newer ones by hand. However, my point is perhaps there is someone you know that you can ask if they receive the Aug newsletter and if not they can email me their email address and I can update it in my system. Sorry for any inconvenience and I hate missing anyone. I definitely know we had a longer list then this.


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