I have never wrote a letter to the paper before now.

  Don’t get me wrong, I love Idaho, but the justice system is the worse I have seen.  I’m 84 years old and have lived in a lot of states.  One reason is the way the system works – if any of you haven’t dealed with the system in any way you don’t know what’s going on.

  Where else does the state House of Legislature service give the parole commission the power to do what they want?  When an inmate goes for their hearing – it’s not right for them to make the inmate do the full time.  Mainly if they haven’t been in trouble.  Then they say the jails and prisons are over crowded.  Stop to think why.  Your parole officers violate them for no good reason.  Most of the time they will tell you if you sign this or that they won’t violate you, then arrest you and jail you go and then to prison.  No wonder the jails and prison are over crowded.

No name signed

(I was in the police academy – so for my protection)

Just an 84-year-old

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