Enough is enough!  Let me say upfront that I believe Covid 19 is a real virus.  However, we continue to be played and far too many have fallen for the game!

  Recall this spring when the media constantly said how nurses across our country were over-worked, overwhelmed, and exhausted?  At that time, many nurses were sitting at home with no work because their hospitals were DEAD (WA, CA, ID, OK, IL, OH, FL, NC, MD, and NY!  Yes, even NEW YORK!  No doubt other states were on this list!  Many nurses were out of work for weeks that turned into months.

  Our local media continues to play the fear mongering game.  In “The Voice” on November 4, front page headline states “Small hospitals are full.”  Shame on the administrators of our local hospitals!  This article is very misleading!  Cassia has 14 beds on Med/Surg plus 5 swing beds.  Swing beds are Rehab beds where patients needing rehab before going home can now stay at Cassia instead of going to Parke View or another facility.  Fourteen beds and six ICU beds in a county the size of Cassia is minimal.  All beds were filled very briefly two times in a recent period of two weeks.  The hospital is NOT and has NEVER been full of Covid patients!  Patients are admitted for various other reason: falls, surgeries, motor vehicle accidents, and complications from various illnesses.

  Last year, beginning in early September, flu was rampant!  Magically, flu seems to have disappeared!  You don’t hear about it anymore.  You only hear about pneumonia if they slap the Covid label on it.

  Mr. Murphy from MinidokaMemorialHospital states in this article, “The hospital has 16 employees out with the virus or who are quarantined due to exposure.”  The public reads this and hears “16 employees at MinidokaHospital have Covid.”  What are the actual numbers?  Did two or three employees have Covid and the rest received a vacation sitting at home for two weeks?

  Just because someone has Covid does not mean they are dying!  In many cases the flu is just as bad or worse!  Covid has a 99.96% recovery rate!  Read that again!  Covid as a 99.96% recover rate!  That means there is a .04% chance you will die from Covie.  Your chances of dying from it are even less if you are healthy and have no underlying health conditions.

  Fact: People get a cough, a fever, or vomit and they now run to get tested for the “dreaded Covid; or they run to the Emergency Department.  It’s amazing how many people are now admitted to the local hospitals due to the above ailments.

  Do you know that some of the Covid tests are not specific to Covid?  They also pick up other viruses.  The quick tests have had a real-life predictive value of 60%.  The predictive value of a positive test indicates the proportion of those with a positive test who actually have the disease (in this case Covid).  Often, the predictive value of tests is expressed as the probability, or odds, that a condition is present.  So stay home and flip a coin!

  People are walking into our local Emergency Departments due to shortness of breath, being slapped with the Covid label without being tested, transferred to another hospital where they are treated for Covid and die soon after because they were not diagnosed and thus not treated properly for their actual condition.  People are dying of heart failure, heart attacks, and complications due to other illnesses all under the label of Covid.  This is not only medical fraud, but medical malpractice!

  Wake up people!  Stop being terrified of a virus with a 99.96% recovery rate!

Sick of it!

Editor’s Note:

The previous Sound Off was anonymously submitted to us on November 10th.  None of the numbers submitted as facts have been verified for accuracy. The following Sound Off is from Cassia Hospital’s CEO, Ben Smalley, who tells a very different story. Please read his comments about the situation we are now experiencing. You will find the two opinions to be diametrically opposed. Which is accurate?

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