As you can tell by all the signs in people’s yards, this is an election year. There isn’t going to be a forum so I would like to let you know where I stand.

We are having growth in housing, nine different developments, single family houses to apartments, should be bringing in good revenues but our utilities keep going up. So as I see it one of the biggest issues for the city is the golf course. The city needs to get out of the golf course business, not sell the course it should be a good money maker, let someone else run it. The course has been losing money for 20 years. The last three years pushing $200,000 a year. Four of the council have openly stated they don’t care how much it loses, they will fund it out of the general budget. They confirmed that October 1st when they voted 4-2 to terminate a RFP published to get a private company to manage it. October 15th they voted to raise electric and water rate again, this is after a 60% combined increase in 2018 garbage, electric and water. If we didn’t have that debt we wouldn’t need a levy for the library and street department, could pay a competitive wage for law enforcement plus do other needed projects. In the next four years we know there will be another law enforcement contract and hopefully an airport project. We have already lost FAA money.

A real disappointment is when I started going to council meetings 10 years ago you had to get there early if you wanted a seat, now I am the only one there because I care. When I try to get people to go the comment is always, “Why, they are going to do what they want anyway”. I hope we can change that attitude and ask to let me represent you the way you would represent yourself.

The best predictor of future performance is past performance. So for change I ask for your support. I also want to thank the people who let me put signs in their yards and for the comments and concerns that were expressed.

Lynn Davids

Burley City Council Candidate

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