Sen. James Risch has served two terms and is up for re-election in 2020. Mr. Risch should not be re-elected. Two terms are good enough and we need new blood serving Idahoans. Recently, Sen. Risch refused to communicate with a newspaper reporter. Doesn’t he understand that we as Idaho citizens receive most of our information from the media? How much information do we receive from Congress? When Sen. Risch refuses to communicate with the media, he is also refusing to communicate with most of us.

With Idaho having a small population, we only have two Representatives with the 2020 census. We may have enough population to have another Representative, according to the Census Bureau. Idaho had an 80,000 increase in population in 2018. I’m sure we will match that number in 2019. Sen. Risch is involved with work on foreign affairs. That keeps him too busy to have much time for Idaho influences. An example would be Idaho still has a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Many states have increased their minimum wage. To increase the minimum wage will attract more qualified workers and make us more competitive. Vote to replace Jim Risch.

George Bambauer

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