On the 11th of June there was a question in Sound Off asking where have all the songbirds gone?

A couple days ago two of my neighbor children came into my home, each holding a broken robin egg. Their faces showed concern. I explained to them that the “magpies” do that to the eggs, and they also kill the baby birds, not only of robins and other songbirds but game birds as well that hunt to eat.

Magpies will even carry off chicken eggs and eat them. In fact, two summers ago I had a gallon can sitting by my trash can of eggs that were spoiled. The magpies found the eggs and were taking them away one by one. Some of the eggs they couldn’t carry very far and they dropped the eggs all over my car.

Beside being a killer bird and trashy, they make a terrible noise from daylight to dark. Its not even considered a song, its just screechy squawky noise.

Why are we protecting these birds that are so devastating to the well-being of so many desirable birds?

I agree with the previous writer.

Confused and Worried


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