Reply to Nite Ranger,

Everybody is not thinking it.  I think you must be relying on MSNBC for your news just a little too much.  Had you seen the entire Trump interview that you reference, you would know that in no way did he suggest or even imply that individuals drink or ingest sanitizer in any fashion.  This was the media twisting things to fit their political agenda once again.  And then they don't understand why many Americans (not all) do not trust them.  I will be the first to admit that Trump has taken a lot of missteps in handling this "pandemic".  I don't trust the "medical experts" anymore than I trust him.  After all the medical experts first said there was no need to panic because people could not spread it to each other.  First masks were useless.  Now they are not.  First the lock downs were need for a couple of weeks to slow the curve, now they seem to want them indefinitely.  What happened to the conservative body count of being 150,000 to 250,000 by the end of May and over a million if we didn't lockdown.  The virus is bad.  And we should take precautions to try not to spread it, but we can't lock ourselves in our homes out of fear.  In America far more people die yearly from things like, suicide, homicide, car crashes, diabetes, cancer, heart disease the list goes on and on.  More people died of other viruses that hit us by surprise like, Bird Flu and Swine Flu.  What's crazy to me, is that we as American's so willingly gave up, so many freedoms and rights, over the fear of getting sick.  No body gets out of this life alive.  Live life to it's fullest.  Don't lock yourself in your house and live in fear.

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