Chemical agents were banned by the International Community for use in conflicts after World War I. It applied to agents like "mustard gas" that was used by German forces. Then, in 1993 the International Community added tear-gas to the list of banned chemicals. So, for example, if the United States Military used "tear gas" against Taliban forces in Afganistan it would be classified as a war crime by the International Community.

Yesterday, Attorney General Bill Barr ordered United States militarized forces to clear out a portion of the grounds surrounding The White House. Among the tactics they used against unarmed peaceful citizens was pepper spray, rubber bullets, and "tear gas", which is classified as an illegal chemical weapon by the International Community. Our chief law enforcement officer ordered that. Let that sink in for a moment. Let that sink in. They were peaceful Americans that got gassed with tear gas!

I believe in our justice system, but I know it can be improved. The best way and the most enduring way to change the system is to improve the laws that guide us. We will have a choice this fall in what we do moving forward. I'd like to ask everyone to think about all of the implications of your vote. For me it's simple. Using tear gas against peaceful protestors is not ok. It's outlawed by the International Community for use in War for God's sake. So how does that make it ok to use against unarmed peaceful fellow citizens?

My condolences for the Floyd family and so many innocent others that have died due to the use of unnecessary deadly force used against them.

Be safe out there.


Nite Ranger

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