To the person who wrote about cutting funding to our schools because we have been forced to home school our children  

I admit that we have kind of learned to do without, but not really!!

I have had help from teachers and my children’s school every step of the way!

They cutback the homework that was required to help  the parents. And I’ve been able to reach teachers till 11:00 at night!!

But to suggest that this is the new normal is stupid! The average parent works full time. Just like teachers. They teach full time, I work full time. I have learned that it is very hard to be a single father of three who works full time and is also a full time teacher!!

I have learned the frustrations of not having the supplies on hand to teach the children, and being exhausted while trying to home school my children.

So trust me, we all want our kids to return to their schools, and they will need full funding to do that!! 


Dusty H.

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