I’ve been a Hunter Education instructor for 25 years. Recently we held a field day class for online students at Walt Charles Gun Club located at 100 East 324 South, Rupert, Idaho not at the Rupert City Shooting Range located at 500 North Meridian, Rupert, Idaho.

We had 20 students registered for the class. Eighteen showed, of these they all went through the presentation, took their tests, went through the field exercise and did it with flying colors.

I’m proud of the instructors in this area and the fine job they do. I’m proud of all the students I have taught over these years.

What I’m not proud of is it seems a student went to wrong address. I’m sure the student wasn’t the one driving. Anyway I guess a call was made to a commissioner about not getting to do the class. Seems this student has now been put into another class through pressure from above. If that’s the case what about the 20, 30 or even 40 that this has happened to. Do they get their chance.

I’m sure that Governor Little didn’t appoint these individuals so they could pull strings for friends.

As of now I will no longer remain in the program.

RB Higgins

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