There is an African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  This has never been as meaningful to us as it has been in the past few weeks at Minico High School.  We, as a community, experienced an incredibly amazing graduation ceremony.  We followed social distancing protocol from the moment graduates and guests arrived in their vehicles, to recognitions given, speeches delivered, diplomas awarded, and everyone exiting.

This would never have happened without the help of so many in our community.  We asked for help from many and were also offered help from many.  We could not have had this experience without this help.

We would like to thank all graduates and their guests for being respectful of the guidelines, Dr. Cox for allowing us to proceed, our School Board members for supporting us as we planned and adjusted, the Rupert Police Department and the Minidoka County Sheriff’s Office for not only logistical help, but also for moral support through the continued planning  Thank you to Natasha Williams and KIVITV Boise 6 News for not only fairly reporting the event, but jumping in to share her camera when the battery died in the camera we were using, Lee Family Broadcasting for loaning us an FM transmitter so all guest could hear the ceremony through their car radios, and Safelink for offering their help when they heard we were worried about livestream coverage.  Thanks to Alan Clawson and his drone which provided us with wonderful pictures and video of the event, the Collier boys for helping with set-up and streaming the event, MHS’s 2020-2021 Senior Class officers for help with setting up and cleaning up, Nate McBride and the East End Fire Department for providing fireworks at the end of the ceremony, and all others who helped make this extraordinary evening one that we will never forget.


MinicoHigh School Graduation Committee:

-Jeff Collier

-Staci Hobbs

-Kimberley Kidd

-Catie Smith

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