I am writing this in response to one Nancy Harris.  Mam, seventeen witnesses most of whom I saw did not even listen or have first-hand knowledge of the telephone conversation, it sounded like they were giving their opinion and what they thought the conversation was about; and “what we the experts are telling us what to think.”  And we (the accusers) will use whatever legal language (jargon) acrobatics to confuse you and make you believe our point of view.  I am not sold on that point of view.  I read the transcript and I see no wrongdoing on President Trump’s part.

     The presidential oath says: I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States and will to be the best of my ability protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

     I have seen a President that in spite of whatever opposition he encounters has done his best to move his agenda forward.

     Have you looked into what President Trump has accomplished in his time in office?  Look into it.  It is pretty amazing.

  • This sitting President has met Kim Jun Un at the DMZ and crossed into North Korea
  • He is the first President to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel
  • Iran deal decertified
  • The US economy is still doing well in spite of what the news says
  • The US is becoming one of the largest producers of natural gas and oil in the world – so much for OPEC
  • First decent tax cut in decades – yes, I see it on my checks
  • Let us not forget there are troops coming home

     That’s just a few things that come to mind.  So my question to you is – How has President Trump threatened our national security?  Are you one of those voices that are coming into the area to spread confusion?  Do you just believe the media (that is owned by six different corporations) is telling us the truth?

     You want to put what is going on at Senator Risch’s doorstep?  If I recall, Senator Risch is not leading the call to impeach our duly elected President.  Keep watching what’s going on with this impeachment circus – and how quickly it will fall apart.

     The people of Idaho are smarter than that…

Deplorable Mark Ogawa

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