For the past 20 years I have wondered why are we sending our men, boys, and women over there? (the Muslim nations) I see funerals, hear of extended stays that end in funerals.  Protests from the community.   Was around for the return attack that took the twin towers. I believe the world trade center.

We are building schools and giving their women freedom.  To me that means taking them from their mothers so not to learn to cook, sew, or clean and believe in the Lie that women can do anything. In my life if it’s not food she has the male reproductive system. Man does not want me beside him at any job.

I have already lived my years with the ugly duckling syndrome. I cook, sew, and clean, I crochet, knit, and cross stitch, there for I (according to the beautiful) am to stupid lazy ugly for an honest job. That being mom belongs to daycare. That I could never teach my child anything or never would.

I am not happy with the way things are here. To have such ego as to steal another peoples children from them to make them more acceptable to ones own belief must be a sin.


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