Dear Soundoff: 

     I attended a Catholic wedding when I was 8 years old. I’m not Catholic, so attending a Catholic ceremony as a child was confusing. I know now as an adult that there are many different kinds of things done at religious ceremonies. I remember saying to my mother that we didn’t do the same things at our church meetings and what should I do. What my mother said at that moment helped to crystallize what I felt then, and what I still feel today. She said that she didn’t think God would be offended if we didn’t participate with the others, but some of the folks there might be offended if we didn’t.  She left it up to me as to what I would do. I decided that I didn’t want to offend anyone, and I read the cards with everyone else which I now realize were prayers for the bride and groom. That couple is still married today, and I feel as though having read those prayers helped to bless them. 

     This morning I got up hoping to see something positive in the news since this Impeachment thing is over and we are moving onto other things like possibly some legislation to help everyday folks. The first story I saw concerned the national prayer breakfast that was held this morning. I was hoping to see some uplifting comments by the leaders of all walks of life that attended. I support traditional conservative values and was hoping that I would hear how the President was going to work to bring our divided country together. I was hoping to hear how the President and Republicans in Congress are going to work across the aisle to do the work the American people have been waiting on for a long time.

     But that didn’t happen.

     My point is this. Even though folks may do things a little differently, there is so much more that we have in common than those small differences. I don’t believe one religion has a monopoly on God. 

     So when I heard the President disparaging two members of Congress this morning that did not share his religion and question their sincerity I was sickened. My mother taught me at a young age that God listens to everyone’s prayers. Like Nancy Pelosi...I pray for the President.  

Nite Ranger

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Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I was raised in a two faith home. I was also baptized in three faiths. Once as an infant, the second at the age of 8 and the third time when I was 13. Why so many times, one might ask me? Simple, the first was my father's choice, the next was expected of me at the age of 8, and the third, I chose to have done. Was I wrong? No. I feel that all faiths need to work together. My children have all been baptized in two faiths, both of their own choosing. I support my children for their choices. All received a "Blessing" when they were infants, as did my two grandchildren (by me). I feel and will always feel that we all pray to the same Heavenly Father, and thus, I feel that that what you did was what you felt to be the right thing to do at that time. Bless you for your choosing to do what you felt was the right thing at the time. And bless your Mother for her allowing for you to decide. I brought my own children to do the same and they are great young men and parents. Thank you for sharing.

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