U.S. Senator Mike Crapo penned an Op-Ed on Oct 6, 2021, stating that changes to existing tax law are unfair. That may be true, but it's also in the eye of the beholder. What the 'good' Senator does not tell the reader is just as important as what he does tell you. It's like the statistics thing where the professor in by post-graduate statistical analysis course said in the first lecture, "...with the 'right' interpretation you can manipulate statistics to tell any story you wish." That's kinda sorta what the 'good' Senator is doing here. In this circumstance, he is lying by omission. Yes, if you just 'happen to forget' the important part ... it's still lying about it.

The important part that he 'forgets' to explain is that there is a 'cap' on where that law "kicks in." What all of you needed to know ... to not let your "fear and emotional reaction" influence your 'beliefs' on the matter ... is that this law will only affect less than 1% of all Idahoans.

That's right. Less than 1%.

I believe the spirit of the law is to try to recover some of the "untaxed wealth" that the wealthy have gotten away with for a long time. Oh, don't get me wrong ... it's 100% legal. When I was in business, I made hundreds of thousands of dollars that I never paid taxes on, and I did it legally. THE MORE MONEY ONE MAKES THE EASIER IT IS TO BURY IT. And that ... is where this law is targeted.

So, for the 99% of us that are not mega multi-millionaires, it will not affect you in the slightest. So, if mom and pop die and leave you the farm, chances are nothing changes and you won't pay one cent under this new law, and you won't have to sell the farm to pay the taxes that the good Senator implies that you will.

I've said this before: if the 'good' Senator is lying about this ... what else is he lying about?

Ken Swearingen

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