First of all, I would like to thank Dan Schaeffer for having the guts to run against incumbent McClellan, who has run unopposed for all of his terms (5).  After 10 years, we have a candidate for a refreshing new horizon with optimism for the future and very qualified.  When you think of a person (incumbent McClellan ) who has been paid $250,000 for his service, we have to question the economic question has the incumbent entered into the “the Law of Diminishing Returns”.  This applies even to politics. What is the benefit of a politician after 4 years?  Especially after 10 years?  Has there been any new thoughts or innovations?  We know, where the incumbent is 67 years old, of the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  You get into political habits and sometimes this is what creates the Washington DEEP STATES and it is tough to get them out.

It is time, after 10 years, to have a person, like Dan Schaeffer, with his experience of running a family farming-cattle operation of 3000 acres have the chance to show off his expertise.  Think of the budgets, that he and his family has to put together, multi-million dollars to make the wheels turn.  Agri-Business is tremendous advantage over his insurance agent, who claims he has farmed since 1980 (40 years).  Dan Schaeffer with his experience with highways, A&B irrigation systems and a genuine desire to achieve things that he has learned at Schaeffer Farms all his life, who can be an asset to the community.  It shows with the areas that he has served that he is “people’s person” in resolving issues.  If the incumbent learned the guidelines and protocol of a CountyCommissioner, Dan Schaeffer is qualified and has the smarts.

With the incumbent, who has entered the zone of “Law of Diminishing Returns”, let us, as a community rally in support of a great man and not let “religious influence” be a deterrent.  As Dan’s motto states, “great ideas for an ever changing horizon” Vote Dan Schaeffer, MinidokaCounty, COUNTYCOMMISSIONER for an exciting 2 year term.  Like Donald Trump said, “what have you got to lose?” Get out and vote by mail.

Terry Jones

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