Jay Lenkersdorfer

The politics of this election year are in full swing right now and it can only get worse the closer we get to the November election. The news media seem to be foaming at the mouth about nearly everything our President says or does. Granted, President Trump has said some really stupid things over his years in politics but so has nearly every other previous President.

One of President Trump’s weaknesses lies somewhere between his brain and the fingers that run his twitter posts. He, along with the entire country, would benefit from him having a sprained finger so he wouldn’t be able to post tweets for a while.

Mark Twain once said; “Never pick a fight with a person who buys his ink by the barrel.” What he was referring to is the power newspapers once had in influencing public sentiment. Sadly, today that famous quote would have to include social media posts and the companies like Facebook who have the ability to shut off messages they either don’t believe are true or that they simply don’t want to share.

This censorship has the potential to cause irreparable damage to anyone wishing to challenge the policies of these various social media companies. Once a message gets into the public realm it is virtually impossible to pull back out, so caution would seem to be the best way to proceed. Sadly, our President doesn’t have the wisdom to let sleeping dogs lie. When he makes broad statements about his wonderful accomplishments that are open for debate he only invites the wrath of the media coming down on him.

Late last week the word of the day from President Trump was that he had done more for the United States Military than any other president in history. That is a pretty broad statement to make after just three and a half years in office. I’m sure he has done some good things compared to some of the previous presidents but to say he has done the most is a stretch in my opinion.

We have had some great leaders over the history of our great republic but for some reason our current president wants us to believe that in every instance, he “trumps” all those who have come before him. In full disclosure – I voted for Trump, but I think you could look at my vote in the last election being more of a vote against Hillary Clinton than it was a vote for Trump.

I have often said that the worst political office a person could have would be that of a School Board Member. Those positions are unpaid and there is absolutely zero chance that everybody is going to agree with all of the policies you make. The job of President of the United States pays about $400,000 per year, but I can’t imagine that anyone runs for the office of president because of the pay. The position is widely viewed as the most powerful position a person could have. The influence the president has to effect change is significant, but when the house is divided, as it is now, the task becomes much harder to accomplish.

I can only imagine the great influence the president has to make things better for the citizens of the country. Whether you believe that he is doing a fantastic job of it or perhaps you are like me and are frustrated with the divisive role the current president has played. I don’t believe any of us want a divided country but that could be exactly where we are headed.

When the leader of the free world is unwilling to ever admit that he made the wrong decision or acted poorly, that person is doomed to have a tough time doing anything.

I was reminded by something that happened a few weeks ago. We were walking through the fairgrounds and one of our grandchildren kept running up behind me and tapping me on the back. It was cute the first ten times it happened, annoying the next ten and beyond that it got old fast. Turning around I gave a little swat to the three closest to me, not realizing that it was just one of the three who was doing it. The two who had not been involved paid the same small price that the guilty party paid. Our oldest grandchild, Ethan, was very put out by my reaction.

When this injustice was presented to me I made a point to apologize to Ethan. His reaction was fantastic because it involved someone of authority in his life actually admitting they had made a mistake.

I think this is very similar to what I and many other Americans want from our president. Instead of claiming he is in the right in everything he says, maybe President Trump should be willing to take a step back and admit when he was wrong. Though it would be a wonderful thing to see, I doubt that President Trump would ever admit that he made a mistake.

Humility, gratitude and a willingness to admit a fault and make an apology are qualities I want in my president. What about you?

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