Recently I was traveling down 500 South on my motorcycle when I encountered a sprinkler that was spraying water across both lanes of traffic. It was the end nozzle on a pivot.  I stopped to wait for the sprinkler to rotate and clear the road.  The left lane was clearing faster than the lane I was driving on.  When the left lane was cleared by the sprinkler I was just going to move over to the left lane to go around the sprinkler when a truck passed me at full speed from behind having moved over into the left lane to avoid the sprinkler.  I was less than a second from moving into that lane and had I done so the truck would have spread me all over the road.  This near death experience happened because there was a sprinkler pouring water on the road. 

Idaho Code 18-3908 reads in part:  “Any person who runs water either by flooding or sprinkler irrigation across any pubic highway, road or street…is guilty of an infraction on the first offense and shall be guilty of a misdemeanor for each offense thereafter per calendar year and upon conviction thereof shall be fined fifty dollars and for a second offense, double said fine and costs; and it is hereby made the duty of all road supervisors, constables and marshals to make complaint before the proper court for violations of this section.

This law is completely ignored in CassiaCounty.  Drive on any road and you will see water being sprayed on sections.  It not only sprays water spot on our cars but it is life threatening for motorcycles.  This practice won’t stop until fines are levied against perpetrators.  We need a number to call to report the infractions and police willing to cite the violators.  This spring there was a plea from the highway dept. to stop sprinkling the roads but to no avail.  Both in my car and on my motorcycle I try to skirt the wet roads by driving on the opposite side which is itself dangerous.  It only takes one incident to result in an accident and then the land owner will face expensive law suits.  Please enforce the law regard this offense.

Editors Note:  The number to call to log a complaint of water on the road is the Sheriff’s office non-emergency number (208) 878-2251).  We see complaints weekly in the police reports and encourage all drivers to call in complaints to the Sheriff.  We hope these complaints turn into fines as a means of changing the behavior of those who actually water the roadways.

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