Jay Lenkersdorfer

If you are a regular Weekly Mailer reader you have shared our 15-year journey of covering Mini-Cassia’s ups and downs. You have read untold Sound Off’s and undoubtably agreed with some and disagreed with others. You have read about politics, schools, crime, and plenty of wholesome news of our community.

You will have read merchant ads inviting you to buy their products and services. These merchant ads were informative and hopefully beneficial in helping you live a happy and healthy life. To the Weekly Mailer these ads are our lifeblood because they are what makes our existence possible.

From our very first edition we made sure that everybody who lives in our Mini-Cassia community would receive the paper free of charge. This commitment to free access to the Weekly Mailer carries a substantial financial cost to us but it is what we were committed to do right from day one.

With the changes in our community from COVID-19, our advertisers - the very people whose ads make it possible for you to receive the Weekly Mailer - have had their own series of problems remaining solvent. The effect on us as a community newspaper has been fewer weekly ads to pay for the newspaper in your mailbox each Tuesday.  

Why are we bringing this up? We need your help to keep this journey on track. On average we spend $45 per year to write, produce, print and mail the Weekly Mailer to your home. If you go back to the beginning – February 15th, 2005 you will see that we have invested $675 on your household alone to make sure that you have a newspaper to read each week. When you do the math, you will see that in our 15-year-existance we have invested substantially in providing Mini-Cassia households with a paper. Fortunately, our advertisers have been the ones making this possible, but times are changing.

Fifty percent of the businesses we ran ads for in our first year are no longer in business. It seems impossible that this could be so, but it is a fact. Now that the COVID-19 virus is ravaging our community this has impacted our business model in a substantial way. The only way for us to continue forward as we have over the past 15-years is for something to change.

To this end we are following the lead of many of our peers in the newspaper industry by implementing a voluntary pay program where you will have the option to send us on a voluntary basis a donation to help us keep the paper coming. If you cannot pay or choose not to participate in this voluntary pay program you will continue to receive the paper.

Every month we see our peers in the newspaper industry giving up and closing their publications. This is a sign that the way newspapers have been operating over the decades is changing, and those who fail to adapt with the changes are giving up. We do not want this to happen to us and we hope you agree that we offer our community something that would be a shame to lose.

Sending a voluntary donation to us today will help us keep the Weekly Mailer coming to your mailbox on a regular basis. There is no ‘set amount’ that you should pay and a donation in any amount will help. You can also help by encouraging those businesses you patronize to invest their advertising money in the Weekly Mailer. We also encourage you to support those businesses who in turn buy ads which supports us.

It is our hope that those who appreciate our paper each week will choose to support us now and into the future. If you have any questions about how this program will work please call us at 208-678-6643 and we will be happy to share our plans with you. You may also drop in and visit with us face to face. Here’s to a positive and long future bringing you the best news and information in Mini-Cassia.

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