Raft River Electric Co-op Members:

A revision of Policy #308 regarding Patronage Capital (Capital Credits) was approved by the board on July 24, 2019. “If the owner of an unclaimed capital credit has not been located and the funds returned to the owner within 5 years after they have been determined to be unclaimed,” their name will be removed from the list and the credits become the property of the Co-op.

Go to rrelectric.com then Customer Accounts>Capital Credits, read the information and then check the Unclaimed Capital Credits Listing to see if any of your family or friends who have moved or passed away are on the 5-page list. If you know someone on list, please try to contact them so they or their legal heirs may claim their credits. Some of the credits may be small, but they do belong to the member. You might also want to check the link to the State of Idaho Unclaimed Property.

The Co-op Bylaws and Policies are posted on the website. Many of the Policies have been reviewed in the last year but there is no way to tell if changes were made.

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