In regards to voting for yet another millions of dollars bond (that allowing the lottery into Idaho promised residents would no longer have to have bonds, levies, etc.!).  If the residents of Minidoka County and its towns knew of how wasteful said schools are with the monies they are given, would never vote for another anything that gave “the powers that be” another dime to spend until they learn how to be good stewards of what they have already received!!  People being asked to vote for yet another bond; the last one not even paid for!  Could know of and see the wastefulness!

I would also like to know why certain department managers are given, or the school thinks, they have to have $50,000 and even $100,000 pickups to drive around in?!!!  The things the schools throw away would shock you!  Has anyone of today ever heard the term “repair” or “improvise”?  There are people in the towns of Minidoka County that have to decide if they are going to pay their utility bill or purchase their medications!  Senior citizens that live on a fixed income, just how much does any given entity asking for yet more money thinks people can come up with.  It DOES affect our taxes!  The money has to come from somewhere!  I do not mind helping anyone who is trying to help themselves but when you have given more than enough to people who are NOT good stewards of what they have already been given it’s time to STOP GIVING!  We are throwing good hard earned money after bad!  And now Ken Cox is already trying to prepare the people, hinting that they are going to asked to fund/finance a new high school!!!  REALLY?!  Yes that is what it sounds like to many of the people in Minidoka towns.  Ken Cox needs to spend time at the school and see just how wasteful they are!  Repair and improvise!  TRY it, if anyone there knows how.

Concerned Citizen

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