I’m not one to focus too much on the movie of the week, but last week I was able to visit our Century Stadium 5 to watch a film called YESTERDAY. If you haven’t heard about it you must have been living under a rock. YESTERDAY is a film that Beatles fans will adore as it will bring back some wonderful memories of those years gone by.

Before I do too much with the movie I want to give some well-deserved publicity to the Harris family for the efforts they have gone to so we can have a wonderful local theater. I haven’t a clue of the cost, but I would guess they have spent upwards of half a million dollars recently to expand their lobby. Over the past few years they’ve spent considerably to modernize and update every theater. They could have easily let it go, as so many theaters have done across America, but they haven’t.

We take a theater like this for granted but all it will take for you to really appreciate what the Harris family has done for us is to attend nearly any other theater. You’ll pay more to get in, the popcorn, drinks and candy will cost you a lot more and your feet will stick to the floor as you try to find a seat. At a theater in Ogden a few years ago the bottle of water that costs just a couple bucks here was five dollars there.

Find a movie you like and go see all Century Stadium 5 has done to modernize their operation. It is truly a community resource we can all share. Thanks Bob and Crew!

Back to the show. The premise of the movie is that a struggling musician crashes his bike into a city bus just as the power goes out worldwide. When he wakes up everything seems normal – until of course he plays a Beatles song for his friends. None of them have any clue who the Beatles were, an outcome of the worldwide power outage. The main character in the movie spends some time remembering the words and music and becomes a world-wide sensation, and who wouldn’t be if you were the first one to play the entire Beatles catalog?

I won’t give away any more of the move, but I have to tell you it was a couple of hours of pure delight. If you are now or have ever been a fan of the Beatles’ music you really need to go see it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the theater and found just one other person waiting for the show to start. Seeing that I wouldn’t have to fight for a seat if I went out for popcorn and a beverage, I lined up for treats. By the time I got back to the theater with a large popcorn and large Dr. Pepper there were about twenty people seated, all of them older than me with one exception- a young lady attending the movies with her mother or possibly her grandmother.

This alone made me smile. I’m technically about ten years too young to have the Beatles in my column for best loved music, but I was immersed in the music of the Beatles from the age of five. My older siblings were crazy Beatles fans and hearing them play the albums just got in my head. Only recently I was persuaded by my oldest sister, Isobel, to return the six or seven Beatles albums she had loaned me back in the 1970’s. Even though I was sad to see them go, I hadn’t spun them on a turntable for decades.

Music can have a massive impact on our lives if we will let it. Some might prefer the sounds of the big band era while others are really into Elvis. I am now and have always been able to appreciate a pretty wide range of music but must admit that I am a classic rock enthusiast first and foremost. Music tends to help us limp through difficult times in our lives, helps remind us of people and places, and can frankly be the best memory refresher ever discovered.

There is a song by the group Supertramp called, “Give a Little Bit” that always reminds me of a junior high crush I had named Tori Billingsley, who broke my 11-year-old heart. Other songs take me back to the time I worked two before- school jobs, one as the janitor of a bar and supper club called the Del Mar, and the other as the caretaker of floors at the local Safeway store. Cranking up the sound systems of those jobs helped keep me awake was well as motivated me to work hard.

On occasion the owner of the Del Mar would come in to work early and would catch me with the sound system cranked up. He was never happy when that happened, but it never cost me my job.

Whatever the soundtrack, music can and should have a place in our lives, be it the Beatles, Elvis, or my favorite, Rush.

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