I am writing a letter of gratitude about my veterinarian Dr. Clyde Gillespie from the Animal Medical Clinic in Heyburn. He is truly in this profession because he loves animals and not just to get a paycheck.

Dr. Gillespie has been more than willing to see my aging Shih Tzu, who by the way is our “third child”. Just yesterday I took her in because I thought something was in her ear and she was acting out of character. He looked in with his telescopic probe that will show on a television screen what the inner ear looks like. She just had some redness and irritation probably from allergies. Dr. Gillespie put some drops in both ears and sent us home. Home, that is, without even charging us for his time or the drops! This is not the first time he has done this. On another occasion I had to bring her in on a Saturday after hours because of some breathing issues. Clyde met me at the clinic, checked her out and sent us home with medication. No charge again because his staff wasn’t there to bill me. I offered to come back during office hours and he refused.

I publicly want to say how fortunate this community is to have Dr. Gillespie in our area. My dogs are well taken care of thanks to this selfless man. I really appreciate his kindness and generosity. Thank you Dr. Gillespie for making this world a better place for our beloved animals!


Lori Johnson


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