This past week we read a lot of great things, but one hit close to home. This being about the things we too have heard being said about community members in Minidoka and about the changes in our schools.  There are some wonderful things that are taking place, especially in the past couple of years at the high school, much thanks to a great caring staff from the top to the bottom.  Even at a small number of the other schools, however, this name calling and not understanding the history of some things which were excellent prior to two these past two top administrations of the district. When the late Dr. Hallett and Dr. Rogers, our district had a positive relationship with the community and the MCEA and other groups,  but this all changed with loss if an outstanding school board member who was voted out and one MCEA co-president about 7 years ago. Sadly, certain folks in the district office have been harsh with comments of calling community members trouble makers and more. We ourselves have called this as well. Dr. Cox, if you truly want see a Bond passed it is time to end these things. Even when some of us from the community have met with you, nothing seems to improve, even on the hiring practices. It us time for improving your relationship with the home owners of our community. By the way, did the district ever check to see if the person mentioned was ok? Bet not. But it is time for things from district office and with a small group of principals to improve on how they are towards parents, community and more. Let’s make our district great and end these things we’ve seen for the past 6 years. We have a great community who care.


Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez 

Rupert, ID

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So, I am not sure how to put this, but, this past weekend, a comment on Facebook was made by the district's business manager which was not quite a good one. However, even though it has since been deleted, it is still on her Twitter account. Now here is my understanding, school district employees are supposed to watch what they say on Facebook when it comes to district business. Hopefully,the district will look into this matter as the comments made were in a threatening manner. Not a physical manner, but it could be read wrong by others. And it has.

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