To the Minidoka School Board,

  I applaud your effort to protect the bus drivers, cooks and teachers in your schools.  Budget concerns are real and must be dealt with.

  As an outsider dealing with your schools, I have noticed things that might help your budget decisions.  Minidoka School District is top heavy.  The schools need more teachers and less support staff.

  For example, Minico employs a principal, 2 assistant principals, an athlete director, 3 counselors, 3 career counselors and 4 secretaries.  Yet when you call the high school, a machine picks up the call to route it to voice mail that someone might answer later.

  The district office keeps growing while teaching positions are cut because of lower enrollment.  How many district administrators and district office personnel are needed?  Less district staff would free up money for teaching positions and lower class size.

  Equipment money is distributed to district personnel’s needs and wants first.  All district offices are nicely furnished while classrooms use desks and chairs that are often older than the teacher.

  Supplies money is also poorly spent.  The district office uses funds desperately needed by schools.  Plans for an ag building at Minico go forward after voters turned the proposal down.

  A zero spending policy for schools from the district finance officer for this year does not allow teachers to purchase needed supplies for classes, from art to wood shop and every class in between.

  District has an open checkbook.  Schools are allocated funds after district takes their cut for needs and wants.  Supplies for classrooms would be more beneficial for students.

  Students learn best from compassionate teachers in a classroom setting.  Spending money on teaching staff and student supplies would be in the best interest of Minidoka students.

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