Dear Sirs,

I like reading the opinions of different voices in the area, I do not write editorial pieces, never have spoken out often or loudly I do not get into debates about which church is better etc., etc., etc. The Bible says Jesus died on the cross for you, me or anyone that wants to declare Jesus is Lord, come into my life, and teach me your ways. This is done by gathering together to learn the teaching from the Bible from whoever you choose to learn from; along with reading the Bible for yourself and learning God’s ways then applying them to your daily life.

The constitution and the bill of rights gives us the right to worship God as we choose. What I do not see in the constitution or the bill of rights is where you can or cannot choose to worship God or have a church service. There are a lot of voices out there and here telling The Lord God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth where he can visit or where he is welcome or where his people can gather.

The opinion voiced in the October 1st, 2019 Sound Off is sounding a lot like the voice that had prayer taken out of schools; knuckling under to voices like this is why our republic is in the condition it is in. I have not attended a service at Waters Edge Fellowship. I might in the future. God needs a voice, he needs hands, he needs feet, for that he chooses us, and that is my opinion

Mark K. Ogawa

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