Jay Lenkersdorfer

The presidential election is finally over but as of this writing a winner has not been announced. Regardless of which candidate you backed, your next move will have everything to do with how our nation heals and moves toward reconciliation. You would need to be deaf, dumb, and blind to have missed how divisive these past four years have been.

Among the many wonderful traits President Trump exhibited during his quest for reelection, he also showed us a side that could be very negative, degrading, and downright unpatriotic, or at least that’s my opinion. Fair notice here would include the fact that I voted for Trump this year as well as four years ago. I might point out that each time I voted for Donald Trump it was in part a vote against the other candidates. I did not want Hillary Clinton in the White House so my vote for Trump included a chess move to prevent what I would identify as a far worse choice of Hillary being elected.

I have worried about Joe Biden’s lapses of intelligence as he has stumped across the country and what that could mean for our nation should he win the top office. But even as dicey as that prospect is to ponder, I truly tremble when I see our nations path forward given that his running mate could easily slide into his seat should he experience a crisis.

Kamala Harris was chosen as a running mate by Biden based on two qualifications. Frist, she was a woman. Second, was that she was a woman of color. Neither of those selection traits are a problem for me when I consider who is a step away from running this great republic. There is no doubt that a woman could lead our nation to success, healing many wounds that were inflicted by Trumps name calling tweets. A sensitive and compassionate leader would be a great place to start.

The fact that Harris is a woman of color doesn’t matter to me either. There are some incredibly intelligent men and women who would make excellent leaders in corporate America as well as leading our nation. Condoleezza Rice is one such woman. Kamala Harris wasn’t chosen for her charm, her intelligence, or her track record as Attorney General in California. By Biden’s own pronouncement, all that mattered was that she was Black, and she was a woman.

As I ponder the future I don’t worry too much for myself, but I do have grave concerns about the world my children and grandchildren are going to inherit. Looking back nearly 60 years of my life I can recall numerous crisis’s that had us fearful of our future. The cold war, the Cuban missile crises, Vietnam, the two wars in the middle east, and now the Corona virus have all been events that could have turned everything upside down, but we overcame them and in the case of Covid 19 – we will overcome it as well.

What happens if we destroy ourselves from the inside out? I truly thank God that our Mini-Cassia community has been immune to the civil unrest and rioting that is happening in select cities across the country. The killing of Black men and women and the resulting civil unrest that can follow have created a tension akin to holding a powder keg in one hand and a lit match in the other, ready to set it off.

There is no doubt in my mind that the national media have compounded the problem. Had the media been as negative toward Biden as they have been about Trump, it is likely that Trump would have prevailed in this election. Objectivity in reporting the news is simply absent in todays media reports.

Going back a few decades you were able to trust the news that was playing on your black and white television. The media giants from that era were trustworthy and followed a code of ethics that guaranteed objective reporting. Todays media broadcasts involve opinions in nearly every report, and facts are often absent or skewed. The bottom line is simple – the national media need to get back to reporting facts, leaving opinions to the opinion page where everyone expects to find an opinion piece.

It is time to reset the agenda and put our nation back in its proper place in world opinion.

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