What is happening to Maintenance and Custodians?

It would Appear that the Maintenance and Custodial in at least one of our School Districts I being dealt an Injustice. Many of these employs have been with the School District for a long time and doing what they loved and were asked to do.

Now they are being thrown out so to speak un mercifully.

The board of directors just decided to thank these people by going to privatized custodial and maintenance. In the process the group they are signing with are not going to keep the current Custodians and Maintenance on with what they have through earned, these people will be allowed to stay but with lower pay and many of the benefits such as vacation and sick time and others just thrown out.

This is what I call a hostile take over( my terms or get down the road). This is how we treat the people that we trust with security, Cleaning and Maintaining our Schools?

‘Hey see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya.” No they are not firing anyone they are just making new rules for the employs ensuring that many of them can no longer work for the District because the can’t live on the New Lower Pay. No advance notice, Not even a well we will keep you on at your old pay till for a reasonable time so you can find another Job. Just BOOM! These are people some of which have children going to school in the District. Like many things that happen this way Quality will go down Not to mention the Quality of life for some folks.

Way to Go Board of directors this is just the example that we should be showing to our Children and New potential businesses, and Residents  to our Community.

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