I am writing because I recently lost my little shihtzu /terrier cross to parvo, she had only one vaccine to go then she would of been fully vaccinated, I never knew that they could still get sick from just going outside to potty , even if your fur baby has been fully vaccinated they can still get it up to 2 weeks after , in the neighborhood I live in not only did my fur baby pass from parvo but my next door neighbors puppy also passed away from parvo , he also had his vaccines just short of the last one , as my neighbor an I were talking about it she had told me that 4 other people we know had lost their dogs to parvo earlier this month , I am only writing this to let people know it is here in Rupert , the day after I lost my puppy to parvo I read another story about it being around other areas, so I just want everyone to be aware to please vaccinate your dogs an please don't let them run around the neighborhood and at least make sure they are vaccinated , also if you research parvo you can see it still can be transmitted from the bacteria left in the soil and if you have a dog pass from it you will have to scrub your house down with Clorox , I still don't know all the information on how to make sure it is gone so please research it if you have a dog and I hope nobody has to go through this. 

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