After the several articles in the sound off as of lately I decided to do some looking around. I suggest that anyone interested to get on the “Duck Valley Sho-Pai Tribes – Public Information” facebook page. I’m very concerned that Raft River Electric is not planning a community meeting in our areas around the Malta region. Why is that? What is it that they don’t want asked of them? Why would they want a meeting with the people over there and exclude us over here? Is it because the management of Raft River Electric doesn’t believe the Tribal members aren’t intelligent enough to ask of them tough questions that they are not willing to answer to us. This is very unsettling to me. I cannot figure a reason why only one district would be invited to have a community meeting to meet two of the standing board member candidates for the election coming up. This when it has been quite apparent as of lately that people are wanting a meeting here. Mr. Black if you all of a sudden want to have a meeting here that would be a good decision I believe. These posters have been up now for a week on the reservation in district 5. What I can’t see an answer to is why them and not us.


Can’t Figure It Out

This is the information on the poster: Meeting Notice. Raft River Electric Cooperative members and the surrounding community are invited to a meeting with Larry Henson and Lindsey Manning on the issues and achievements of the past era of placing Duck Valley and surrounding communities on the service area of Raft River Electric. Lindsey is a candidate for District 5 and Larry is a candidate for the At-Large seat on the Board of Directors.

Please feel welcome to attend to receive information and ask questions of the candidates, voting and the operation of the Raft River Electric Cooperative. Duck Valley electricity users and surrounding area users of Mountain City, Trail Creek, Riddle Ranches, Petan Ranches are invited.

Monday, March 9, 2020, 6pm, HDC back room. Sponsored by Lindsey Manning and Larry Henson Raft River 2020 Board of Directors Candidates

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The meeting has been postponed due to the national health crisis and the recommendation of the CDC to limit gatherings. I swear this company can't make you happy. If they had chosen to hold it tonight, you all would have been on here complaining about that. The witch hunt is getting ridiculous.

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