On the subject of re-electing Robert J. Kunau,

I have seen his adds saying he has 10 years of a debt free county.

I call b.s.!!  How much money has the golf course lost?!?!    And please don’t give me the talk about the electric and water department making up for it’s loss. That only makes me more upset as this increases my bills to pay for well off people to play golf that I subsidize but don’t use or have access to.

At least I get to use the library for free because my taxes pay for it. Why can’t I use the golf course for free??  My taxes paid for it!!

And now the city council wants a new airport. Well mr. Debt free I think most of us country people agree that maybe we can fund one or the other, but not both!  It’s to much to fast. Sell the stupid golf coarse and use that money to finance the new airport!!


Dusty H.

Editor’s Note: Bob Kunau is running for the office of County Commissioner and has nothing to do with the operational losses at the Burley City owned Golf Course. Burley is run by a mayor and six city councilmen who determine electric fees, water fees, garbage fees, golf fees, etc. Commissioner Kunau is not running for a city position so if you have a gripe take it up with someone in city office. Cassia County is one of the shiny pinnacles of good management and living within our means which cannot be said with other government boards.

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