So after reading this article, I spoke with a friend of mine who works in probation.  First off, you can only be placed on probation after you have been convicted of a crime that you can go to jail for.  Failing to renew a driver’s license is not one of those crimes, that only has a fine attached to it.  And low level misdemeanors, don’t always carry jail time or probation.  So you get probation in lieu of jail time.  It’s quite simple.  You don’t have to be on probation.  You can go and sit in jail.  If you choose to do probation, then don’t whine about the costs and the classes and the tests you have to take to be on it.  If you don’t like the consequences of your actions, then change your life style.

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I have no idea where you saw the person whining about the probation in our area, It is clear that you yourself have not been a victim of these folks and how they treat people, including the families of those on probation. I personally have not been on probation, and do have a job. I won't say what I do for a living, but it is a position that I hold where I deal with the public on a daily basis. However, a family member of mine has been and has been mistreated. Do you seriously think that the person you claim you know who is a probation officer is going to tell you what they really do or how they treat anyone, including the families of those on probation, of course they won't. So, until you or a family member of yours has been on probation, then please speak up and tell us how you get treated, because, it is not a pretty sight.

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