Coreen Louise (Stotts) Hart

On October 9th, 2022 Coreen Louise (Stotts) Hart departed this earth and joined her Heavenly Father. Coreen was a devout servant of the Lord and touched many lives. Some of those whom she left behind are her husband of 41 years Jim Hart; children: Miguel Taylor, Alberto Taylor, Bill Taylor, Gustavo Taylor, Lisa Bell, Lynda Karr, Jaime Hart, Gaylen Wood, and Gerald Wood; her siblings Bill Stotts, Mike Stotts, Craig Stotts, and Gayle Williams. She also leaves behind many grandchildren, friends, and her beloved church family at Calvary Chapel in Burley, ID. She is preceded in death by her parents Evrett and Evelyn Stotts; her brother Craig Stotts; and her daughter Jaime Hart.

Coreen was born in Preston, ID on March 2nd, 1945 to Evrett and Evelyn Stotts. She was the first of 5 children. She was a very creative and adventurous child. When she was 4 years old she would sneak away to the local catholic school and attend class with the 5 and 6 year olds. She also loved Christmas and worked hard to make it magical for her siblings every year. She would go to great lengths to decorate their home and make the holiday special. Her first love in life, though, was music. She would often put on plays for the adults in the neighborhood, using her parents garage for the stage and a sheet as the curtain in between scenes.

This continued into her high school years. She attended ArtesiaHigh School in Lakewood, CA. There she played the flute and then went on to join choir and drama classes. She had a beautiful singing voice and was in several school musicals and plays including, “Bye-Bye Birdie”. In 1963 she graduated from High School and moved onto CerritosCommunity College where she studied General Education.

Coreen married Jerry Mittelholz in 1965 in Artesia, CA. She spent most of her time working at an ophthalmologist office during that season of life. Not long after she and Jerry divorced.

In 1969 Coreen married Richard Taylor in Garden Grove, CA. During this time she went to work as a support worker at an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. There she met and fell in love with 4 little boys, Miguel, Alberto, Bill, and Gustavo. She adopted them in June of 1978, becoming their mother.

Due to some health concerns Coreen moved to Burley, Idaho, hoping for some cleaner air. There she opened a vegan restaurant called “MothersGarden”. Richard wanted to move back to California, but Coreen did not. So they ended their marriage and went their separate ways. Miguel and Bill returned to live with their dad.

During her time at “MothersGarden”, Coreen had a regular customer, Jim Hart. He would come in often and they would sit and discuss their favorite books. They soon fell in love and married on October 24, 1981. Together they joined their two families adding Lisa, Lynda, and Jaime to her family. She raised them as if they were her own daughters. Coreen had a deep love for people and as a result brought in two neighbor boys who were struggling. She raised them as her own during this time, adding Gaylen and Gerald to her list of children. It was not always an easy task raising so many children, but she did it willingly and with all the love a mother could give.

Growing up, Coreen's favorite books were the “Little House on the Prairie” series. She loved Laura Ingalls and often dreamt of living a simpler life. Coreen and Jim were two peas in a pod and together decided to make this dream a reality. In 1983 they purchased 10 acres of land in Rupert, ID and lived off of it. Having an “off the grid” lifestyle and being completely self-sufficient from the animals they raised and the food they grew in their gardens. This was a very unique way of living and she loved sharing how they lived with others and helping show them the different processes in which they made it work.

Coreen was a journalist and wrote for several local newspapers. She also loved attending church on Sundays at Calvary Chapel, and considered everyone there to be like family. Coreen has many grandchildren that she spent time teaching to crochet, teaching to bake, sharing her favorite books, and putting together various arts and crafts to spend time with them out on the farm when she would watch them. Coreen touched the lives of many people. She had so much love to give and gave it freely to anyone willing to receive it. She will be dearly missed, but never forgotten; living on in the hearts of those she had such a huge impact on. Her service was held at Calvary Chapel in Burley, ID on Sunday, October 16th, 2022 at 11am.

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