The College of Southern Idaho has been granted $1,114,424 by the Workforce Development Council under the Office of the Governor to support CSI’s Non-Traditional Educator Preparation Program (CSI-NTEPP), an accelerated pathway for emergency hires and career-changers wanting to become a certified teacher.

“We are grateful to the Workforce Development Council and their outstanding staff, who were extremely motivated to assist, and absolutely vigilant in assurances to the State of Idaho, to our employers, and to our sister institutions that this was a worthy investment. Our CSI team is to be commended as well. This grant will support an extremely creative and innovative pathway for aspiring teachers and allow the College to respond to the demand already demonstrated by tremendous interest. I’m personally very proud of CSI’s Education Department staff and how they’ve responded to this workforce need not only in our service region, but across the state,” said Todd Schwarz, CSI Executive Vice President.

Candidates for this program include: those who are hired as the teacher-of record in a K-12 school, but do not hold teacher certification; those who hold certification, but need to add a new certificate or endorsement; and those who desire to become teachers AND have regular access to a classroom setting.

CSI-NTEPP is an online program (with some face-to-face opportunities) that offers long-standing school district and candidate relationships with individualized instruction. The entire program is personalized for each candidate and includes online collaboration and mentoring support. Since the program is performance based, candidates need to be actively teaching in an observable classroom environment in the content area in which they are seeking certification. A candidate who already holds a baccalaureate degree, is enrolled in the program, and has their hiring district’s support, will be permitted to teach as the teacher of record on a three-year Interim Certification. CSI can also prepare candidates who are working toward their baccalaureate degree through the Grow Your Own option.

“We built our program to be flexible and supportive for our teaching candidates and their districts,” said Katie Rhodenbaugh, CSI Non-Traditional Educator Preparation Program Assistant.

CSI’s full certification program includes five modules, which will typically take a candidate four semesters plus one abbreviated summer term. Candidates who are already certified and just need to add an endorsement can complete the program in as little as one to two semesters. Requirements may vary from candidate to candidate based upon differing levels of education and experience.

Admission to this program is continuously available and registration for the spring semester opens November 18. For more information about the CSI-NTEPP program, visit https://www.csi.edu/education-department/non-traditional-educator-preparation-program/, or email teacherprep@csi.edu.

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