Protecting your property, crops, or animals from Southern Idaho's winds is a major concern.  Providing protection from winds can increase property value and increase productivity.  Windbreaks are a natural way to "TEMPER" Idaho's wind. 

A living windbreak is one or more rows of trees and/or shrubs used to block and redirect the wind.   The wind is "lifted" up and over, creating a protected area where wind speeds are drastically reduced. 

A windbreak must be located properly in order for it to do the right job for you.  Planting a windbreak in the wrong position can cause problems in years to come.  Carefully plan the distance between the windbreak and the road, yard, or feedlot you want to be protected.  Take into consideration the direction of prevailing winds.  The windbreak should be at least 100 yards away, depending upon your situation and if there are other obstructions. 

Other important concerns include:  ground preparation, irrigation, how many rows of trees and/or shrubs to plant, the varieties you need, and providing protection for the young seedling trees from livestock during the first few years.  With good conditions, you should produce noticeable protection within 4-5 years.  (7-12 years on dry-land).  

Planting seedling trees and shrubs is an economical way to put in a windbreak.   Seedling trees are available from the Soil & Water Conservation Districts in Burley and Rupert.   One of the soil districts’ main goals is to improve conservation in Cassia and Minidoka Counties.  This Annual Seedling Tree sale is offered as a service to the community to help improve and conserve our natural resources. 

The seedlings come in bundles of 10 trees per bundle for a cost of $35 plus tax.  You should begin planning now and get your trees ordered as soon as possible.  The seedlings will arrive in late April.  Special orders are also available for an additional cost.  The supplies are limited and will be available on a first come-first served basis until they are gone.

Information can be e-mailed to you at <> .  Order forms, seedling descriptions, detailed photos, windbreak information, and planting instructions are all available on our website at <> .

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