Change is the only true constant in many of our lives!

As Superintendent of the Minidoka County School District, I have had the privilege of seeing much change in the District over the past five years. We have had many new teachers, administrators and staff come to the District as our more seasoned staff have chosen to retire. I have come to that point in my life where I too have made the decision for this to be my last year in the District. I have truly enjoyed working with so many dedicated staff and feel that we have done well as we worked together the past few years.

As the Board looks to the future, they are seeking input from patrons and staff about what qualities and qualifications they should look for in the next superintendent. The Board has developed a Superintendent Survey, with the help of the Idaho School Boards Association, to gather your input, which is available on our website and Facebook page and will be open until January 10, 2020.

On January 13, at 6:30 pm at the District Service Center (310 10th St. in Rupert) the Minidoka County School Board will hold a Special Board Meeting to publicly review and share the results of the survey. At this meeting the Board will also accept input from patrons, students and staff regarding the qualities and qualifications that should be considered for the new superintendent.

I encourage you to participate in this process! Please complete the survey and then come and hear the results and offer your feedback to the Board on what the priority of characteristics that they should consider as they look for a new superintendent.

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