The College of Southern Idaho is pleased to announce the winners of the second annual General Education Teaching Awards, celebrating exemplary teaching for non-majors. Faculty were nominated by fellow instructors, students, or department chairs based on evidence of exemplary teaching, creativity in course design or implementation, and excellence in translating disciplinary methods of inquiry to non-majors. General education courses expose all College of Southern Idaho students, regardless of major, to a range of disciplines outside their specific area of study. General education courses make students into better citizens with broad perspectives on an ever-changing world.

The following instructors received awards for their excellent teaching:

Written Communication: Associate Professor Marci Boyle

In nomination of Professor Boyle, one student commented “I loved this course! I’ve never been strong in English, but Marci did a fabulous job with helping us become better and more proficient in what we’ve learned over the course.”

Oral Communication: Instructor Christy Bowman-Lantz

In nomination of Instructor Bowman-Lantz, one student commented “Mrs. Bowman is the most kind-hearted lady. In all my years of schooling, I’ve never had a teacher who genuinely cares as much as she does. She wants to see you succeed and will do anything with in her ability to help you do that.”

Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing: Professor Serena Jenkins Clark

In nomination of Professor Jenkins Clark, her department chair commented, “Serena inspires people to be life-long performers, advocates, and audiences for music of all kinds.”

Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing: Associate Professor Matt Reynolds

In nomination of Professor Reynolds, one student commented “this course taught me so much about people that I never knew. This is an interesting course that really makes you see people in a new way.”

Mathematical Ways of Knowing: Professor Jim Dawson

In nomination of Professor Dawson, his department chair commented, “Jim has dedicated almost 40 years of his life to teaching General Education Mathematics and literally thousands of students have enjoyed the positive and student-driven success of his classes.”

Scientific Ways of Knowing: Assistant Professor Kim Morgan

In nominating Professor Morgan, students commented, “We love coming to class because of her inspiration and desire to learn about the human body. She provides great information to learn the tough curriculum and we feel successful after each exam.”

Institutionally Designated Ways of Knowing: Associate Professor Scott Rogers

In nominating Professor Rogers, his department chair commented, “Scott was one of the faculty who first developed and piloted GNED 101. It is not a stretch to say that working to develop this course transformed Scott’s work in that so much of what he now does with his students focuses on the importance of being generally educated, the importance of discovering connections in the things we are learning, and the importance of being a lifelong learner. Achieving these outcomes is not done perfunctorily, but with the integrity that we try to get our students to think about in GNED 101 and to guide their educational journeys. Scott transforms students’ lives in his classes.”

“General education courses can be particularly challenging to teach and these seven instructors work diligently to make courses relevant and applicable to all College of Southern Idaho students,” said Tiffany Seeley-Case, Dean of General and Transfer Education.

In recognition of these outstanding educators, the College of Southern Idaho Foundation awards a scholarship from each faculty member to a student of his/her choosing. These seven winners will become the College’s nominees for the statewide General Education awards, which also will include nominees from other colleges and universities in Idaho. The statewide awards will be announced in October at the state of Idaho General Education Summit.

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