Jacoby Sneddon, Ben Nelson,  Robert Squire, Diana Gill

In the most recent year for which data is available, at least 57% of all K-6 grade students in Burley’s elementary schools were classified as “Students from Low Income Families.” The cost of preparing for a new school year puts a strain on those families, and many students come to school inadequately equipped to learn.

The Burley Rotary Club recognizes the students of today will be the problem solvers of tomorrow. We recognize that each child, regardless of their background or current circumstances, has the potential to create good in the world, but some children need a boost to reach their potential.

In 2018, sponsors such as Rotary District, McCain Foods, Dot Foods, Walmart, D.L. Evans Bank, Edward Jones, J&L Electric, Best Western Burley Inn, Clay & Christine Handy, Kim Hansen Chevrolet, Ag West Distributing, Intermountain Health Care, Evans, Poulsen, & Catmull, Paul Ross Law, United Electric, Lydon Crane, provided donations that were used to purchase backpacks and school supplies were purchased for local elementary school students. With the generous support of our sponsors, the Burley Rotary Club prepared and provided 140 backpacks to local elementary schools which then distributed the backpacks and supplies according to the needs of those families struggling to prepare for the school year.

We believe that, by providing these school supplies, we are better equipping the students of Cassia County to succeed, while increasing their self-esteem and helping them start the school year on the right foot. This effort would not be possible without generous sponsors like you.

We will continue to work with the School District and schools to provide children and families with the supplies and equipment needed for success.

2019 Donation totaled $7800.00.

100% of your donation will go towards the purchase of backpacks and school supplies.

The Burley Rotary Club President

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