Case Numbers on the Rise

Health Officials Urge Residents to Continue to Protect Their Health as Case Numbers Rise in Twin Falls County

TWIN FALLS COUNTY – South Central Public Health District (SCPHD) urges residents to continue to be vigilant about protecting their health, as confirmed and probable case counts in the county have started to rise again over the last few days.

“We know people are sick of wearing masks, of postponing get-togethers, and of limiting their visits to stores and other public places- but now is not the time to relax your caution,” said Logan Hudson, SCPHD Public Health Division Administrator. “It’s important that we ease back into normal activity. If we forget the protective habits we’ve worked to build over the last two months and go back to life as normal- we are asking for a surge in cases that may shut down our economy all over again.”

Between May 4th and May 10th, Twin Falls County saw their total case number jump by 68. That is the largest confirmed COVID-19 case jump in any seven-day period in the county. From May 11th to May 14th, the last four days, SCPHD has recorded an additional 28 cases in Twin Falls County.

Several of these new cases are residents or staff members in long-term care facilities within the county. As of May 14th, 61 residents of long-term care facilities had confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases.

“The residents in these facilities are some of our most at-risk. The buildings are locked down, but staff members still have to come and go. That means that while we continue to have cases in the county our friends, family, and neighbors who are living in these local facilities are still at risk,” said Hudson. “You can’t protect these people if you don’t protect the community as a whole.”

Hudson urges residents to protect the community’s health and their own health by:

  • Keeping six feet between themselves and people outside their household
  • Washing their hands well and regularly, especially immediately after returning home
  • Following the Governor’s Rebound Idaho program- which includes avoiding gatherings with more than 10 people until stage 4
  • Wearing a mask when they interact with people outside their home, especially in public areas like grocery stores

South Central Public Health District is running two hotlines for information about COVID-19. One in English at (208) 737-1138, and one in Spanish, at (208) 737-5965. These hotlines are currently running from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please refer to for the latest local numbers and guidance. Refer to for Idaho-specific information and guidance.

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